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List of scientific articles
Results of academic research work conducted by Dr. Benjamin Striem and his peers, published in scientific journals
Calcalist article about the trend of healthy food
Ynet article about expiration date of food products
Cannel 2 News
TV Show "כלבוטק"
Generation of Cyclic AMP
Generation of Cyclic AMP in Taste Buds of the Rat Circumvallate Papilla in Response to Sucrose
The sweet taste inhibitor
The sweet taste inhibitor methyl 4,6-dichloro-4,6-dideoxy-α-D-galactopyranoside inhibits sucrose stimulation of the chorda tympani nerve and of the adenylate cyclase in anterior lingual membranes of rats
Sweet tastants stimulate
Sweet tastants stimulate adenylate cyclase coupled to GTP-binding protein in rat tongue membranes
Potentiall of Ferulic Acid
Potentiall of Ferulic Acid as a Precursor to Off-Flavors in Stored Orange Juice
Globs article
Hoodia cactus extracts
Control your Appetite with Fresh Frozen Hoodia.
More articles
This page is still under construction
BEENERGY – energy drinks for athletes
Inside the box...
A journey to research the ingredients of foods products
NetoGreen consultant
Dr. Benny Striem is the advisor for developing new food products
Flavored water
New beverage made of clear water with plant extracts for flavor and vitamins
Proein drinks for athletes
Protein enriched drinks for athetes

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