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List of scientific articles

Results of academic research work conducted by Dr. Benjamin Striem and his peers, published in scientific journals

1. Is adenylate cyclase involved in sweet taste transduction? B.J. Striem, U Pace, U Zehavi, M Naim, D Lancet - Chem. Senses, (1987) 11, 669.

2. Potential of ferulic acid as a precursor to off-flavors in stored orange juice. M Naim, B.J. Striem, J Kanner, H Peleg - Journal of Food Science, 1988, Volume 53, Issue 2, pages 500–503.. (abstract)

3. Sweet tastants stimulate adenylate cyclase coupled to GTP-binding protein in rat tongue membranes  B.J. Striem, U Pace, U Zehavi, M Naim, D Lancet - Biochem. J. (1989) 260, 121-126. (abstract, PDF)

4. Saccharin induces changes in adenylate cyclase activity in liver and muscle membranes in rats. BJ Striem, M Naim, U Zehavi, T Ronen - Life Sci, 1990, 46 (11):803-810.

5. The sweet taste inhibitor methyl 4, 6-dichloro-4, 6-dideoxy-{alpha}-D-galactopyranoside inhibits. B.J. Striem, T Yamamoto, M Naim, D Lancer, Chemical Senses, (1990) 15: 529-536 (abstract)

6. Generation of cyclic AMP in taste buds of the rat circumvallate papilla in response to sucrose  B.J. Striem, M Naim, B Lindemann - Cell Physiol Biochem, 1991, 1: 46-54. (abstract)

7. Adenylate cyclase responses to sucrose stimulation in membranes of pig circumvallate taste papillae. M Naim, T Ronen, B.J. Striem, M Levinson, U Zehavi - Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B, (1991) 100(3):455-458. (abstract)

8. Chapter in a book:
Cellular signal transduction of sweetener-induced taste.
Michael Naim, Benjamin J. Striem and Michael Tal - Advances in Food and Nutrition Research Volume 42, 1998, Pages 211-243 (


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