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List of scientific publications

1. Is adenylate cyclase involved in sweet taste transduction? B.J. Striem, U Pace, U Zehavi, M Naim, D Lancet - Chem. Senses, (1987) 11, 669.

2. Potential of ferulic acid as a precursor to off-flavors in stored orange juice.  M Naim, B.J. Striem, J Kanner, H Peleg - Journal of Food Science, 1988, Volume 53, Issue 2, pages 500–503. (abstract)

3. Sweet tastants stimulate adenylate cyclase coupled to GTP-binding protein in rat tongue membranes  B.J. Striem, U Pace, U Zehavi, M Naim, D Lancet - Biochem. J. (1989) 260, 121-126.  (abstract, PDF)

4. Saccharin induces changes in adenylate cyclase activity in liver and muscle membranes in rats. BJ Striem, M Naim, U Zehavi, T Ronen - Life Sci, 1990, 46 (11):803-810.

5. The sweet taste inhibitor methyl 4, 6-dichloro-4, 6-dideoxy-{alpha}-D-galactopyranoside inhibits. B.J. Striem, T Yamamoto, M Naim, D Lancer, Chemical Senses, (1990) 15: 529-536 (abstract)

6. Generation of cyclic AMP in taste buds of the rat circumvallate papilla in response to sucrose  B.J. Striem, M Naim, B Lindemann - Cell Physiol Biochem, 1991, 1: 46-54. (abstract)

7. Adenylate cyclase responses to sucrose stimulation in membranes of pig circumvallate taste papillae. M Naim, T Ronen, B.J. Striem, M Levinson, U Zehavi - Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B, (1991) 100(3):455-458. (abstract)

8. Chapter in a book:
Cellular signal transduction of sweetener-induced taste.
Michael Naim, Benjamin J. Striem and Michael Tal - Advances in Food and Nutrition Research Volume 42, 1998, Pages 211-243 (


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